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Things I wish I brought with Me on a Elk Hunt

Nothing like being miles away from civilization and wishing Amazon had drones already. Oh wait, you need cell phone service for that. So the story goes for many an experienced or fresh new hunter. Last Fall I had the opportunity to go on an Colorado Elk Hunt with my older brother. This would be our second Elk Hunt together, but officially we are calling it out first. The other was in the early 2000’s and that was basically a camping trip, we had zero idea what we were doing or even how to hunt for elk. Not this time, My Brother is an experience elk hunter these days, Me I’m more of a Texas Whitetail hunter, which is about as opposite as an elk hunter you can be, but still I can hunt. Before this Hunt, I went shopping, like a fat kid...  Read More

Ammo!! Where are you?!

Okay, Who is hoarding all the ammo? Go to the local shooting range, is it shoulder to shoulder with Gun owners launch 3 dollar hunks of lead down the lane? Nope. Sure maybe a few more people, now and then, but not at the rate which I would expect with all the ammo being sold out nonstop. So is everyone just overpaying for a reserve stock to have? Maybe it’s that famous Zombie Apocalypse getting closer, we do have crossbows in stock. I think the main reason for this crazy ammo shortage is well, our fault. You see gun owners will panic if we think someone is going to come take our 2nd Amendment away. So we all went out and bought a lot, with all the new gun owners, that was an onslaught to the ammo manufacturers, who until just a couple ...  Read More